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Meribel Honed Cut-to-Size

Species: Limestone



  • Field Tile
  • Bottega™
    • Cut-to-Size
    • Custom
  • Coordinating Slabs

The images shown do not represent the full range of variation with regard to the individual attributes for this material, and may be affected by individual viewing settings beyond the control of Chadwick’s Surfaces Int’l (see Chadwick’s Surfaces Int’l Terms and Conditions. Prior to ordering, Buyers are encouraged to request a reference from a larger sampling as to notify themselves of potential variations prior to installation. Contact us for current available quantities and pricing. All orders are subject to and indicate Buyer or Buyer’s Authorized Representative’s (Buyer) express consent to be bound by Chadwick’s Surfaces International, Inc.’s (Chadwick’s) Terms and Conditions for Purchase and Sale of Materials (Terms and Conditions).  It is the responsibility of the Buyer to review all documents involved in the purchase and sale of material and Chadwick’s assumes no liability for failure of the Buyer to do so.

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