Discover Develop Deliver – August 2022

Fired Pavers have made a big splash to start our summer orders off. With US stock and quick shipping timelines, we are excited to bring this new product to the Chicago area. Homeowners are falling in love with the incredible durability, little to no maintenance, and natural stone-like finishes only available with Fired Pavers. With capabilities of achieving a more natural aesthetic than concrete, Fired Pavers are becoming a must-have for exterior landscape projects.

Our Chequers collection continues to see an increase in orders. Currently, we are specifying a project calling for 1600sf of our Grigio Ribera and Bianco Estremoz in the larger 16×16” format. Our supplier has perfected that coveted aged appearance, that you only see after years of use, in our collection’s satin antiqued surface and edges.

Our Bianco Luce collection of Calacatta d’Este and Pacific White honed are being specified in 6×12” field tile and various other formats for a new construction 4000sf, 10-bathroom estate. Continuing a strong month-to-month order/sales of our exquisite white marbles.

Midfirst Bank in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has created a commercial space to envy. The architect chose our Caithness Ebano field tile in a large-scale pattern. This exceptional Charcoal Brazilian Slate with subtle natural clefting is ideal for both modern architecture and historical buildings alike. It is perfect for high-usage spaces like this bank lobby. A classic charcoal tone adds to this slate’s versatility. High-performance qualities like less than 1% absorption and exceptional density make it less permeable to liquids and easy to maintain.

”The architect was looking for a durable yet economical flooring material for this high traffic area. We felt the Caithness Ebano was a perfect fit. Both the architect and designer are very pleased with how it turned out and said they will spec it again.”

Tile enhancing sealers are crafted to highlight your stone’s natural color. If you are looking for a wet tile look that achieves a deeper color and luster when dry, an enhancer is a key ingredient. Enhancers can add various color depths to the surface of your stone. Please note that it is also a sealer so it will provide a barrier to stains and protects the stone. Whether you’d like to enhance your stone or not, it’s important to still seal the stone.