On a walk-through.

I happened to be walking through our warehouse one morning and came across this beautiful production of our Calacatta d’Este Honed Basketweave. I took some raw photos from my cell phone and shared them with all of my customers as the beauty and consistency are breathtaking, but also to show the precise work needed to cut and then mesh the final product.

3 Photos of Calacatta d'Este Basketweave

We were producing a couple of hundred square feet of our Calacatta d’Este Honed Basketweave for a master bath floor to coordinate with our Calacatta d’Este Honed tiles on the walls as well as 1.8cm & 3cm slabs for the vanity, bench, jambs, shower walls……etc. This production’s beauty resulted from our fantastic Chadwick’s team efforts, as illustrated below.

The passion in all of this started with our procurement team spending HOURS (a lot of times late in the night) sourcing, going back and forth (virtually “hand selecting”, rejecting, and approving) with our partners at the quarries to secure the most premium & consistent marble.

We then have to work through the logistics of securing containers, delivery times, navigating through world economic supply chain issues to ultimately arriving, unloading, inspecting, team approvals…. then inventorying all material here at our warehouse to then be shared/designed in tandem with all of our customers! The architects, designers, distributors, home builders….our trade partners/relationships whom we don’t take for granted.  

This production was completed here in our warehouse….starting the production by approving the dye lot of tiles to then be cut on our precision-cut Italian saw, then meshed, approved again by our product specialists, and finally packaged for delivery to the job site. All are being approved by our warehouse management and product specialists throughout the processes while at the same time, our marketing team is putting in the work of nice layouts and professional photos.

3 Photos of our Calacatta d'Este Basketweave production

Sometimes we don’t take the time to share what truly goes into delivering a premium product to be installed and loved by the end-user, our homeowners, but this time we thought it would be cool to share with all of you as in the end, it’s because of YOU we have been able to do this for 37 years as a family!

-Jason Lensmeyer
Residential and Commercial Specialist