Handcrafted in the USA


Since 2008 we have been growing a production line that takes the waiting time out of mosaic, subway tile, geometric pattern fabrication. A Multiblade Italian Cutting Machine (industrial size), along with an automated mesh-mounting machine to accurately glue and apply fiber mesh to the back of your Hexagons, Octagon + Dot, Basket weave, Rhombus, Brick joint or one of the other models we produce as standard items.

Typical fabrication includes Herringbone (Spina De Pesce), wall base and thresholds custom cut and edged as needed for your project. Our equipment is industrial sized and our fabrication team well trained and eager to develop new sizes and shapes for great clients. We’re your “Back Room”, and in this business you probably need someone like us, to be different from the rest.


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Standard Bottega Shapes and Formats

1x1 Square
1" Squares
2x2 Square
2" Squares
1x4" Broken Joint
2x4” Basketweave & 1” Dot mesh
2x4 Rhombus
2x4" Rhombus
3" Hexagons
Octagon & Dot
3” Octagon + 1” Dot
Mini Planking
1, 2, 3” x 12” Mini Planking
2x2 2x4 Subway
2x2” & 2x4” Subways
3x6 Subway
3x6" Subways
2x12 Mini Planking
2x12" Mini Planking
4x8 Rhombus
4x8" Rhombus
1x4 Herringbone PNG
1x4" Herringbone
Elongated Oct Dot
3x6” Octagon & 1” Dot
Sei Lati
4x6” or 6x12” Sei Lati
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