We See Stone Differently

It seems that many categorize stone in either of two extremes- as a building commodity/ transient surface covering or as a luxury option in all it’s polished opulence, meant for the lucky few who could well afford it.

We’ve opted for a third less extreme approach, born from tradition and practicality. Natural stone, when properly selected, produced and maintained is a HIGH PERFORMANCE building material. Formed in nature from living elements, in and of the earth. Pure, abundant and with inherent character which over time and daily use further develops it’s innate beauty. Our intention has always been to deliver a sustainable material that unlike other product options, doesn’t have to be repaired or replaced as often. We select the right materials for durability and ease of care and maintenance. It’s a hand’s-on process from start to finish. We help develop and then specify the finishing processes our quarry’s and suppliers use during production of our material’s. We’ve achieved a fine balance between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Gently textured surfaces and edges differentiate our product line and are a value added element of what we do best. You don’t pay more for the knowledge and 30 + years of experience we bring to this product category.

It’s a commitment to authenticity and is just as fitting in an ambitious modern public space as in a residential home. Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver exceptional natural stone with unique range and finishes. We know where we stand, and since 1986 our feet have been firmly planted in Mother Earth.

Our Story - Italian Stone Archway